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abo亚搏手机版app_觉醒中的虎丸强过头的井山 名人战第5局前瞻
名称:abo亚搏手机版app_觉醒中的虎丸强过头的井山 名人战第5局前瞻

   (source: find an excuse to be quiet)


   The fifth round of the Celebrity Match was held at Atami Shitei, Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture on October 13-14. Can Yuta Iyama win the title or Shibano Toramaru won the second victory of the series?

第五轮名人比赛于10月13日至14日在静冈县热海市热海市Shitei举行。 Iyama Yuta可以赢得冠军还是Shibano Toramaru可以赢得系列赛的第二场胜利?



Please take care of zhiyehu pills.


   Shiba Notoramaru: Please take care of me.


  -Here you are 1 win and 3 losses, how do you evaluate the first 4 games?


   Shiba Toramaru: For me, there is no difference from other games. These games have their own good places and bad ones. So it's okay to concentrate on facing it yourself.

Shiba Toramaru:对我来说,与其他游戏没有区别。这些游戏各有优缺点。因此,专心面对自己是可以的。

  ——Perhaps you have played against Yuta Jingshan the most this year. Last year the throne battle and the celebrity battle cycle totaled 5 games. This year, including 2 title battles, it should be the player who played the most. How do you feel about fighting against Yuta Jingshan so many times?


   Shiba No Toramaru: The concept of the layout and the severity of the mid-game, I felt that way before I became a professional. Especially the layout concept, I think this is very strong.

Shiba No Toramaru:布局的概念和比赛中期的严峻程度,在成为职业球员之前,我曾有过这样的感觉。尤其是布局概念,我认为这很强大。

  ——This is after you sit opposite Jingshan Yuta, do you feel his power again?


   Shiba Notoramaru: Yes, it's better than I thought.

Shiba Notoramaru:是的,比我想象的要好。

  ——About Atami Shitei, you became the youngest celebrity in history in this game last year. Then you also held a press conference here, I believe you left a good memory.


   Shiba Notoramaru: Yes (laughs).


  -But at that time you already won the match point, but this time you are standing on the edge of the cliff. What kind of state do you want to embrace this game of chess?


   Shiba No Toramaru: This time the fifth game was also at Atami Shitei. I didn't think so much at that time last year, but when I went here this year, I remembered the good memories of last year. Although the score is not good for me, I don't think about it so much during the game and play my chess well.

Shiba No Toramaru:这次第五场比赛也是在Atami Shitei。去年那个时候我没有那么想,但是今年我去这里的时候,我想起了去年的美好回忆。尽管这个分数对我来说并不好,但是我在比赛中并没有考虑太多,并且不会下棋。



  ——I would like to thank Yuta Jingshan.


   Iyama Yuta: Please take care of me.


  ——So far you have 3 wins and 1 loss, and you are only one victory away from winning the title. How did you feel about the first 4 games of chess?


   Iyama Yuta: Every game is a difficult chess game. However, in the last game of chess, I felt like I played my own thing, which I think can be a positive sign.

井山雄太(Iyama Yuta):每场比赛都是艰难的国际象棋游戏。但是,在上一盘象棋中,我感觉自己在玩自己的东西,我认为这可能是一个积极的信号。

  ——So you can meet the fifth set in a good state.


   Iyama Yuta: How can I say it, I feel that I am in a good state until now.


——The game site Atami Shiting is where you regained the seventh championship 3 years ago. If time goes forward, you will win the first celebrity title from Zhang Xu Jiudan. It is also at Atami Shiting. For you, it is a place where many memories are left.

-3年前,您可以在游戏网站Atami Shiting重新获得第七个冠军。如果时间流逝,您将赢得张旭九旦的第一个名人头衔。它也在热海实亭。对您来说,这是一个留下许多回忆的地方。

   Iyama Yuta: Yes, I have played many celebrity matches here, so I am very grateful for the opportunity to play here. And just as you said, this is also a place to leave a lot of memories, so it should be able to greet every game with a good impression.

井山雄太(Yyama Yuta):是的,我在这里参加过很多名人比赛,所以我非常感谢有机会在这里参加比赛。就像您说的那样,这里也是一个留下很多回忆的地方,因此它应该能够给每个游戏留下良好的印象。

  ——You are currently 3 wins and 1 loss, so do you want to solve the series here?


  Iyama Yuta: Of course there is nothing better than this result, but it doesn't mean that I can only win these 4 sets, so I still don't care about these things too much, just show my own level as always.


——I also want to share with you about the record. If you win this chess game, this is the third time you have returned from the triple crown to the fourth crown, and then you can get the "big triple crown" again. Any thoughts?


   Iyama Yuta: I am not too clear about the specific situation, but the celebrity battle is my first challenge and the first time I won the title. Then I experienced joy and bitter memories. I still hope to leave a good memory here.




  ——As the commentator of the 5th Bureau, this newspaper is Kono Rinkudan, please advise.


   Kono Lin: Please advise.


  ——Rin Kono and Yuta Iyama have played against each other many times, and they also have experience in celebrity battles, and then have a lot of experience in celebrity battles and other circles with Shibino Toramaru. In the playoff stage of the celebrity battle cycle last year, Shiano Toramaru defeated you and became the youngest celebrity ever since. It can be said that he is one of the youngest celebrities.

-河野玲(Rin Kono)和井山裕太(Yuta Iyama)进行了多次对抗,他们也有过名人大战的经验,然后在与Shibino Toramaru的名人大战和其他圈子中有很多经验。在去年名人争霸战的季后赛阶段,Shiano Toramaru击败了您,成为有史以来最年轻的名人。可以说他是最abo亚搏手机版app年轻的名人之一。

   Kono Rin: Yes, the first celebrity under the age of 20 was born last year, which became a topic for a while. Of course, behind this achievement is my contribution, which I am quite proud of (everyone laughs).

Kono Rin:是的,第一位20岁以下的名人是去年出生的,这已经成为一个话题。当然,成就的背后是我的贡献,我为此感到自豪(大家都笑了)。

  ——It is currently 3 wins and 1 loss of Ioyama Yuta, only one set away from winning the title, how do you feel so far?


   Kono Rin: From the point of view of the content, as you said before, there are battles of one advance and one retreat. Both players have played their own skills.

Kono Rin:从内容的角度来看,就像您之前所说的,有一场前进一退的战斗。两位球员都发挥了自己的技能。

  ——In the Honinbo battle, Shibano Toramaru's content seemed to be unsatisfactory. Did you feel any changes in the celebrity battle?


Kono: It’s been a long time since the Honinbo battle. Although it was 4 wins and 1 loss from the point of view of the score, Yuta Iyama during that time, especially the results on the two-day system and the content of the game, felt overwhelming. The advantage of sex. After experiencing the Honinbo battle, this celebrity battle ushered in. I believe that for Shibino Toramaru, facing Yuta Iyama, there is more or less fear in it. However, after Shibano Toramaru regained one city in the third game, Then in the previous second game, Shiano Toramaru's content was also very good, but it was a big reversal. Although I am standing on the edge of the cliff now, judging from the situation of the first 4 games, it is still painful to lose that game.

河野:自从Honinbo战斗以abo亚搏手机版app来已经很久了。尽管从得分的角度来看是4胜1负,但是那段时间Yuta Iyama尤其是两日制比赛的结果和比赛的内容让人感到压倒性的。性的好处。经历了本人坊战役之后,这场名人之战就开始了。我相信面对Shimaino Toramaru面对Yuta Iyama的人,或多或少都有恐惧感。但是,在第三轮比赛中Shibano Toramaru夺回一个城市之后,在之前的第二场比赛中,Shiano Toramaru的状态也非常好,但这是一个很大的逆转。从前四场比赛的情况来看,尽管我现在站在悬崖的边缘,但是输掉那场比赛abo亚搏手机版app还是很痛苦的。

  ——In terms of content, how is it different from Honinbo?


   Kono Rin: How can I say it, Shibano Toramaru's state feels better. But in the words of Ioyama Yuta, it feels like he has entered the realm of "the ghost of Qifanqi". However, for Shibano Toramaru, although facing Yuta Iyama, it was always an overwhelming advantage before the final situation in the second game. To be able to perform such a performance against Yuta Iyama, I feel that Shiino Toramaru's strength is also intolerable. Underestimated. So these 4 games of chess made me feel that I was about to carve up the world.

Kono Rin:我怎么说,Shibano Toramaru的州感觉更好。但是用饭山裕太的话来说,感觉就像他已经进入了“奇凡奇的幽灵”的境界。然而,对于Shibano Toramaru来说,尽管面对Yuta Iyama,在第二局的最终情况之前始终是压倒性的优势。为了能够与山田雄太进行这样的表演,我觉得Shiino Toramaru的力量也是无法忍受的。低估了。因此,这四场国际象棋使我感到自己即将走向世界。

  ——We outsiders heard that Rin Kono said the term "the ghost of Qifanqi", and any chess player felt that Yuta Iyama's two-day system was very strong. Do you think Shibano Toramaru has a chance to stop Yuta Iyama's momentum?

-我们外界听到,河野Ko说“奇凡奇的鬼魂”,任何下棋者都觉得井田裕太的两日制非常强大。您认为Shibano Toramaru是否有机会阻止Yuta Iyama的发展势头?

   Kono Rin: From the perspective of the observer, we all want to watch a few more games of these two chess players, and then we feel very happy watching their chess. However, after coming to Atami Ishitei, last year was also in the 5th game, and it was also in the case of my commentary that Shiano Toramaru won the title. For Shiano Toramaru, it should be a place to leave a good memory. Then I heard Shibano Toramaru say that after coming here, I remembered the good memories of last year. Although it is said that once facing the chessboard, it is necessary to concentrate on the chess game itself, but to the extent of these two chess players, even small things can affect the outcome of this chess game. Therefore, there are still many positive signs for Shibano Toramaru.

Kono Rin:从观察者的角度来看,我们每个人都希望观看另外两名国际象棋棋手的比赛,然后我们对观看他们的象棋感到非常高兴。但是,在来到热海一石井之后,去年也是第5场比赛,而在我的评论中,什纳诺·托拉马鲁也获得了冠军。对于Shiano Toramaru,它应该是一个留下美好回忆的地方。然后我听到Shibano Toramaru说,来到这里后,我想起了去年的美好回忆。尽管据说一旦面对棋盘,就必须专心于象棋游戏本身,但是就这两个象棋玩家而言,即使很小的事情也会影响该象棋游戏的结果。因此,Shibano Toramaru仍然有许多积极迹象。

Yutai Jingshan also has good memories in Rehai stone pavilion.


   Kono Rin: It’s true, but unlike Shibano Toramaru, there are so many good memories for Yuta Iyama. His record is too much, "Ah~ this place left me with good memories", "This place is a good place for Yuta Jingshan", and such a game is everywhere for Yuta Jingshan. Both. But Yuta Jingshan's first title was also obtained here. So I believe that Yuta Jingshan will play his own chess as always, but if there is a slight mistake, the trend of the series will change. We would also like to see how Shibano Toramaru competes with such a "Shichi-no-ki".

Kono Rin:是的,但是与Shibano Toramaru不同的是,Ita Yuta有很多美好的回忆。他的唱片太多了,“啊〜这个地方给我留下了美好的回忆”,“这个地方对玉塔景山来说是个好地方”,而这样的游戏对玉塔景山来说无处不在。都。但是在这里也获得了玉田敬山的第一个头衔。因此,我相信Yuta Jingshan会一如既往地下棋,但是如果有一点错误,系列的趋势将会改变。我们也想看看Shibano Toramaru如何与这样的“ Shichi-no-ki”竞争。

  ——When Zhang Xu won the celebrity title from Jingshan Yuta 2 years ago, he also completed a major reversal after 1 win and 3 losses. So Jing Shan Yuta can't be too relaxed, maybe he hopes to solve the game here.

-2年前,张旭从景山玉塔获得名人头衔时,在1胜3负之后,他也完成了一次重大逆转。所以Jing Shan Yuta不能太放松,也许他希望在这里解决比赛。

   Kono Rin: If you look at it roughly, Ioyama Yuta's condition in the Honinbo battle is still relatively good. The content of the game can be said to be completely suppressed by Shiano Toramaru, and then the celebrity battle is here. At present, Yuta Iyama is also 3 wins and 1 loss, and he is one game short of winning the title. I always feel that there is a kind of king's aura on Jingshan Yuta, but I still have to ask the person to be more accurate. After all, sitting in front of a chessboard may not be the same thing. After all, I had the experience of being reversed from 3 wins and 1 loss 2 years ago, so for Yuta Iyama in the fifth set, he may have to face the mentality of the final set of the series.

河野R:如果您粗略地看,饭山裕太在本人坊战役中的状况仍然相对良好。可以说游戏的内容被Shiano Toramaru完全压制了,然后是名人之战。目前,井田裕太也以3胜1负的成绩战胜了冠军。我一直觉得景山玉塔上有一种国王的光环,但我仍然必须要求这个人更加准确。毕竟,坐在棋盘前可能不是一回事。毕竟,我有两年前从3胜1负的逆转经历,因此对于第五盘的山田佑太来说,他可能不得不面对系列最后一盘的心态。

  -Shiano Toramaru's white record this year is still very good, only lost 3 games, and then all lost to Ioyama Yuta. Then this time the celebrity game lost two chess games. He won a game with black, and then Shiano Toramaru played black in the 5th game. Is there a saying that holding white is advantageous recently? What do you think of Rin Kono?

-Shiano Toramaru今年的白人战绩仍然很好,只输了3场比赛,然后全部输给了饭山裕太。然后这一次名人游戏输了两盘棋。他以黑色赢得比赛,然后Shiano Toramaru在第5场比赛中扮演黑色。有没有最近持有白的优势的说法?您如何看待Rin Kono?

   Kono Rin: Although I don't know what my record is, I feel the same in black and white. How should I put it? Recently, due to the influence of AI, there is indeed a big difference between 6-and-a-half eyes and 7-and-a-half eyes. Especially for 7-and-a-half eyes, it is considered advantageous for white. But at 6 and a half eyes, it feels like black and white. If you have 6 and a half eyes, you can take black and white. Of course, I didn’t think that because AI said that. Then I thought so. How should I put it, but I can understand the reason why Shibano Toramaru has a good record in white. However, I don't know what the reason is.

Kono Rin:尽管我不知道我的唱片是什么,但我在黑白中感觉一样。我该怎么放?最近,由于AI的影响,六只半眼和七只半眼之间确实存在很大差异。特别是对于七分之一的眼睛,它被认为对白色有利。但是,只有六只半眼睛,感觉像是黑白的。如果您有六只abo亚搏手机版app半眼睛,则可以采用黑白两色。当然,我不这么认为是因为AI是这样说的。然后我想了。我该怎么说,但我能理解Shibano Toramaru拥有白色出色唱片的原因。但是,我不知道是什么原因。

  ——This game of chess Shiano Toramaru holds the black. Is it difficult to say the outcome?

-这盘棋Shiano Toramaru下棋是黑色的。结果很难说吗?

   Kono Rin: I believe it will not be complicated because it is black. On the other hand, if you win with black this time, you will be white next time. So this game of chess will become very critical.

Kono Rin:我相信它不会复杂,因为它是黑色的。另一方面,如果这次您以黑色获胜,那么下次您将是白色。因此,这场国际象棋比赛将变得非常关键。

  ——The first 4 games were played very intensely, and the winner was decided in the final stage. Then every game of chess is chaotic, and after entering the countdown stage, it becomes even less clear who is more advantageous. I believe this game of chess will also be a fierce battle.


   Kono Rin: Judging from the time used, Ioyama Yuta is a long-term chess player and will spend a long time in the layout stage. As for Shibano Toramaru, I think it is a fast shooter so far, but because of the two-day game with Yu Iyama too many times, I have seen many times taking a long test in unexpected places. It makes me feel like he is preparing for what goal.

河野R:从时间上看,饭山裕太是长期的国际象棋选手,并且会在布局阶段花费很长时间。至于Shibano Toramaru,到目前为止,我认为它是一个快速的射手,但是由于与Yu Iyama进行的为期两天的比赛太多了,所以我看到很多次在意想不到的地方进行了长时间的考验。这让我觉得他正在为什么目标做准备。

  ——I look forward to the fifth game of the game, and I also look forward to the rich commentary of Kono Lin. Please take care of me in the next two days.


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