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Scored 12 goals in 41 games this season, and 10 goals in the league are enough to help him become the team's top scorer among nearly half of La Liga teams. Penalties taken since last season All hits, sports scoring ability and free kick skills are not much better...


This is a transcript that should be handed over by an excellent La Liga shooter, but it belongs to Sergio Ramos. The Real Madrid captain became the first La Liga single-legal defender to score double figures since Hierro (1993/94). .

这是成绩出色的西甲射手应该交出的成绩单,但属于Sergio Ramos。自从耶罗(1993/94)以来,皇家马德里队长成为西甲第一个单双得分的后卫。 。

Since the "Phase III of the Galaxy" set sail, the problem of powerlessness has always existed. When the current players are unable to open the situation, Real Madrid will rely on "Amphibious Youth" Ramos to lead the reverse to solve the problem.


Since the rematch, he has scored 5 goals. Ramos’ recent high production is not only due to his personal ability, but also thanks to Zidane’s tactical inclination. The “power back” play has become one of Real Madrid’s transitional periods. A conventional tough tactic.

自复赛以来,他已攻入5球。拉莫斯(Ramos)最近的高产量不仅仅归功于他的个人能力,还归功于齐达内(Zidane)的战术倾向。 “强力回击”已经成为皇家马德里的过渡时期之一。常规强硬战术。

The league championship is based on the overall stable performance and strong ability to abuse food, which is more beneficial to teams with mature systems, top scorers and hot spots. The Barcelona frontcourt led by Messi has superb assault and scoring capabilities, and the La Liga title battle has a very low fault tolerance rate, which places high requirements on the white-clothed striker's scoring efficiency. Cristiano Ronaldo left the team in the summer window of 2018. In Florentino and Lopetegui placed too much trust in Bell, and Real Madrid missed the best time to update. In the 2018/19 season, Real Madrid scored only 63 goals in 38 league games, which was the lowest production since the millennium (38 games/66 goals in the 2006/07 season).

联赛冠军基于整体稳定的表现和强大的食物滥用能力,这对于拥有成熟系统,得分王和热点的球队更有利。以梅西为首的巴塞罗那前场具有出色的进攻和得分能力,西甲冠军争夺战的容错率非常低,这对白衣前锋的得分效率提出了很高的要求。克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)在2018年夏季窗口离开了球队。在弗洛伦蒂诺(Florentino)和洛佩特吉(Lopetegui)对贝尔的信任度过高,皇家马德里错过了更新的最佳时机。在2018/19赛季,皇家马德里在38场联赛中仅进球63球,这是自千年以来的最低产量(2006/07赛季为38场比赛/ 66球)。

In the summer window of 2019, Real Madrid gave priority to strengthening the striker in the transfer operation. The arrival of Hazard and Jovic is a signal that Zidane has changed his team's thinking.


It is a pity that Hazard, who is regarded as the cornerstone of the team, has taken leave of absence due to injuries four times in the past few months, and has missed nearly half of the games. Won the Western Super Cup championship, the national derby played well in the second round. Real Madrid's performance in the strong dialogue was exciting, but the weakness of the front caused the team to lose too many points against the middle and lower teams, and it has never achieved league points. Advantages to Barcelona.


Real Madrid's strikers are many and powerful, but they can't find a player who can perfectly fill the vacancy of Hazard. Bale's loss has caused the main right-wing candidate to be difficult to give birth. For a long time, only Benzema has managed to support.


Zidane rarely uses the same starting lineup for two consecutive games. However, the players are still those players. The bonus created by changing the permutation and combination can only last for a period of time. The opponent already knows these Real Madrid players very well and it is easy to make it. Targeted restriction strategy.


At the beginning of the season, Zidane hinted that the fundamentals of the team's competition is the league. This "new army" is difficult to compete for the title on multiple lines. The Copa del Rey was eliminated by the Royal Sociedad and the Champions League lost to Manchester City in the first round of the 16th round. All in his "expected". To


Before the six-point game against Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid had already been eliminated from the Copa del Rey. Five of the 26 league games suffered zero sheets, and the Champions League was also on the verge of being out.

在与巴塞罗那的六分球比赛之前,皇家马德里已经从国王杯中被淘汰。 26场联赛中有5场比赛零失球,而欧洲冠军联赛也处于淘汰状态。

A total of 14 Real Madrid players have scored in the 2020 game. Isco and Ramos have become scoring "patterns". The huge lineup has become a foil. The situation of "multiple blooms" is really worrying.

2020年比赛中,共有14名皇马球员得分。伊斯科和拉莫斯已成为得分“模式”。庞大的阵容已成为障碍。 “百花齐放”的状况实在令人担忧。

However, the sudden epidemic has given Real Madrid the opportunity to revise its strategic plan. They can take care of the league and the Champions League in a single-line rhythm.


After the quarter-finals, Zidane underwent pressure to carry out a large rotation, on the one hand to cope with the dense schedule, on the other hand, to make tactical reserves for the UEFA Champions League knockout game a month later.


Hazard and Asensio insisted on “recovering from minor injuries” after returning from injury. Bell, Jovic and Ronaldo were embarrassed. This requires midfielders to share Benzema’s goal. Ramos does his part with this offensive skill.

哈扎德和阿森西奥(Hazard and Asensio)坚持在受伤后返回“从轻伤中恢复”。贝尔,乔维奇和罗纳尔多感到尴尬。这要求中场分享本泽马的目标。拉莫斯发挥这种进攻能力。

In addition to too few goals, another reason for Real Madrid's failure last season was poor defense. They lost 46 goals in 38 league games.


Unable to continue to create threats on the offensive end, the pressure naturally flows back to the defense line. On the contrary, when the defense line is sufficiently stable, the frontcourt players can get more room for fault tolerance, and defenders with assisting capabilities have more opportunities to participate Attacking.


In the 34 league games that have ended this season, Real Madrid has conceded only 21 goals, and Courtois and Areola have teamed up to complete 18 games with zero seals. The improvement of Real Madrid's defensive level is firstly derived from the upgrade of "points":


Courtois has returned to his peak level in his second season in La Liga. Ferran Mendy has brought the vitality and hunger needed for this championship line. F- Valverde's upper position has made the white guard The safety factor of the line is further improved.

Courtois在西甲的第二个赛季已经回到了巅峰状态。费兰·门迪(Ferran Mendy)带来了冠军线所需的活力和饥饿感。 F- Valverde的上层位置已经成为了白色护卫。线路的安全系数得到了进一步的提高。

In F- Valverde and Casemiro's joint starting game, Real Madrid has yet to lose. At the core of the system, the player who can connect these strong points is Ramos. The Real Madrid captain has excellent single defense, anticipation and command abilities. He is good at delaying opponents in grabbing and supplementary defense.


At the "face" level, Zidane has higher requirements for the defensive ability of the full-back. At the beginning of the season, he arranged for Hazard and Bale to actively assist in the two gates and completed the fight against Atletico Madrid, Sevilla and Ossa. Suna's three zero seals laid the foundation for Europe's best defense.


Subsequently, Zidane reused F-Valverde to improve the frontcourt pressure and midfield vitality, reducing the load on the veterans.


Starting from the Western Super Cup, Zidane adjusted the focus of tactical construction back to the midfielder (442/4321), and even tried three central defenders (as a guest at Betis) in some games. This action weakened the attack to a certain extent, but The improvement on defense is more obvious.


Do a good job of defense and control the midfield. Even if you can't break the deadlock early, Real Madrid can take advantage of the depth of the lineup to wipe out opponents in the second half of the game.


Two consecutive games broke the deadlock with penalties made by full-backs, and Real Madrid was able to "curl up" three points, which was inseparable from Ramos' stable performance at 12 yards.


After Ronaldo left the team, Ramos is Real Madrid's well-deserved first penalty shooter. Ramos has taken 29 penalty kicks in his career, and only missed 3 shots in regular time matches (two of which were during the Spanish national team), and his hit rate was as high as 90%.


In the past two seasons, Ramos has used penalty kicks to score 11 times, and nearly 22 penalty kicks have been hit.


Ramos, who is out of the side defender, has a good footwork, and the extra-big heart temperament allows him to handle penalty kicks with ease.


In his youth, Ramos liked to use spoon kicks to juggle goalkeepers. As he grows older, the Real Madrid captain has become more cautious when kicking penalties and his hit rate is getting higher and higher.


In the defeat to Mallorca, Ramos also scored a wonderful free kick with his superb footwork. This is the first time Ramos scored from a direct free kick in six years, and it was also the third time in his career that he scored with a "remote penalty".


After Ronaldo left the team, Bell should have taken the penalty right of the free kick, but due to his low attendance rate, Real Madrid's penalty right of the free kick was actually shared by many people.


James Rodríguez, Nacho, Asensio, Isco and Ceballos have all used direct free kicks to score. Considering that most of these players are substitutes (or rented), Ramos is even expected to become Real Madrid's number one free-kick player.


During Zidane's first tenure, the "Tony Brings Water" group left a deep impression.


Cross's precise positioning pass and Ramos's strong header to grab the spot, once brought countless victories for Real Madrid. After the "Galaxy III" set sail, Ramos' high-altitude bombing was still Real Madrid's ultimate move in set-kick tactics.


However, the Real Madrid captain's air superiority does not only exist in the "dead ball tactics", he also began to play "temporary center" in the sports war.


From a full-back to a central defender, Ramos’ biggest advantage is his strong mobility, which can press forward and support the midfielder in defense, which can be said to be incalculable for the overall offensive significance.


Moving the offensive starting point forward can not only reduce the error rate caused by the excessively long transportation line, but also launch anti-grab pressure at a more forward position. This has a very positive significance for saving energy and protecting the goal. The team gains from this The benefits far exceed the missed goals caused by the forward position.


Mendy replaced Marcelo as the starter, Varane also maintained a high attendance rate, Ramos had two "running men" behind him, and there was a lot less worry about going forward.


Ramos didn't stop in place after stealing the ball in the midfield, but took advantage of the trend to attack. This is both his habit and the team's need.


The technical stream players in the midfield can only suppress but cannot "pierce" the opponent. No one can fill the center vacancy left by Benzema's retreat. To achieve a substantial breakthrough in the control phase, Real Madrid also needs to mobilize more More resources to attack the restricted area.


In the game that has ended, F-Valverd, who frequently advances in, scored 2 goals. He was able to enter the penalty area to cooperate with Benzema to grab points, but the "side midfielder" is more suitable for him (5 assists) , Real Madrid's real "shadow front" at this stage is Casemiro and Ramos.


When the current players can't start the game, Casemiro will go into the attack. When facing relegation teams such as Spaniards and Mallorca, Ramos will also score 30 meters in the front field in a sports battle, adding weight to the wing cross tactics.


The outstanding strikers who have left a name in the history of Real Madrid are like Guo Jiangzhi. The White Coats never seem to worry about scoring like they are today.


When no one of the huge strikers can provide stable output, Ramos' timely explosion solved the problem that plagued Zidane. His excess output became the lifeline of Real Madrid, adding infinite possibilities to this variable season.


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