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发布时间:2021-10-09 05:49:02

At present, the head coach of the Yellow Sea team Wu Jingui has led the players to Dalian, where the game is played. Before leaving, he accepted an interview with a reporter from Peninsula Metropolis Daily.


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It should be said that it is similar to what I expected. We also want to strive for a better ranking. Everyone worked hard, but from the first stage of the game, the overall strength of the team is still lagging behind other Super League teams.


As a coach, I always want to fight hard, just like an athlete. In any case, before the result comes out, I will always try my best to prove myself through hard work. Taking over the Huanghai Qinggang team is definitely a challenge. I am very happy. The players worked very hard. Although sometimes the results and process are different from what I imagined, everyone has played their own level.


This is indeed the case. I was moved by the players' fighting spirit and their ability to execute techniques and tactics. I took over for a relatively short period of time. I came across several strong teams. Whether SIPG or Guoan, foreign players are very strong. Our team participated in the Super League for the first time, but everyone worked very hard. Every player played During the game, I kept in mind the usual training content, and I was able to understand and understand it in a short time. I did a very good job. This kind of fighting spirit was particularly touched by me. We ran more than our opponents in the previous few games.


They work very hard in the game and have certain conditions to fight for it. I told them that every team may have national players. Everyone can see your efforts, and national coaches can also see them. They have not yet passed the test of the competition, but the league performance is not bad, but there are ups and downs.


Of course, the recognition of the fans is also the recognition of the coaching staff, which will greatly help them improve their confidence, including the team's confidence.


The fans also saw that in the first stage of the game, our two full-backs, Zou Zheng and Wang Wei, were injured together. At that time, they were very nervous about employing people. Now they come across the "evasion clause" of Zou Zheng. To be honest, When Zou Zheng was introduced, he definitely didn't expect to meet R&F in the second stage. He could only find a way on the basis of the existing personnel to make up for the vacancy he could not play.


I watched the second round match between Huang Hai and Yongchang. Roman scored two goals, very beautiful. He did not show this level in the preparation period. He is a player who can attract opponents to defend in the frontcourt. He feels very good in front of the goal. His role in the team is very important.


When we chose the captain in training, we chose him as one of the team captains. It was also an incentive for him. He really led everyone. Not only did he do a good job on offense, but he did a good job on defense. He is the player who ran the most in every game. Opponents fouled him more frequently and suffered injuries, including the red card penalty against China Fortune. It was a big blow to him and the team.


Shenhua was the first team to introduce foreign coaches, but the best results in team history were brought out by two local coaches, coach Xu Genbao and me. In fact, local coaches may be better under the same conditions in a fair and just environment. Now the super-large environment is more relaxed for foreign coaches and a bit more demanding for local coaches. Now the media has developed Internet and everyone is accepting advanced international football concepts. And there is no difference in the trend of skills and tactics. I hope that fans, media, and investors can provide local coaches with a more relaxed coaching environment in the future.


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